About App Info properties

App info tab contains information related to the whole app, it is divided into sections:


●      Name - app name (identifier), only letters, numbers and underscore characters.

●      Caption - app business name, may contain spaces.

●      Purpose - app description, description is displayed for users on app create screen.

●      Version - app version, app definitions are versioned when app is published app version is closed and users can use app.

●      Document name - formula can be used here, name of documents created from this app definition.

●      App visibility - specify if app is hidden on create app screen, visible, or visible on high resolution devices only.

●      Show formulas - specify if end user can peek/see formulas used in spreadsheet cells.

●      Alignment - app sections alignment.

●      Icon - app documents icon.

●      Type - app type it can be instance, distribute, wizapp.

●      Add creators - who can create this app documents.

Input parameters - app can have multiple input parameters, input parameters can be used to synchronise between apps, or as parameters while distributing app to users.

KPIs - key process indicators, one responsible person pointed by formula (formula must return person email), and up to 3 indicators pointing to spreadsheet cells.

Streams - app default stream, target stream for these app documents.





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