App Input Parameters

Designer can define any number input parameters to an app definition.

Input parameters consist of parameter name and parameter type, values have to be provided to app while app creation.

Values of input parameters can be used in formulas by Input formula with parameter name, those formulas can be used anywhere in the app.






Input parameters uses scenarios:

  • Distributed app type - there is distributed app type in qalcwise, documents of those apps are not created one by one, but they are created in batch process and distributed to specified users. User who distributes app can specify input parameters values. For example, budgeting process requires collecting the pieces of information from numerous people, budgeting app can be distributed to those persons with input parameter year and quarter of budgeting period. app-input-parameters02.png
  • Distribute apps with Distribute app from table action step. This scenario distributes apps from another app workflow.
  • Run app from another app by using Run app with one param action step. This scenario creates a new app document from another app, and passes any value as parameter value. This parameter can be used as a synchronization value.
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