Cell Types

Cell type determines type of cell formula return value and its editor (for example Calendar for dates).


Qalcwise uses strong typing in formula language and spreadsheet cells, it means that designer has to decide what is a type of a cell, and formula inside has to match cell type. This approach allows to quickly identify and present errors in formulas, and protects against unpredictable results.


Following cell types are available in qalcwise spreadsheet sections:

  • text - default cell type
  • dropdown - drop down, has Items option for example: array(‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’), Section1:A1:A6 formula in dropdown cell specifies default value.
  • autocomplete - like dropdown but dropdown options appear filtered after you type something inside a cell
  • datetime - date and time cell type holds date and time, date and time picker appears when clicked
  • date - date cell type holds date only, date picker appears when clicked
  • number - number cell type
  • currency - number with two decimal places by default
  • checkbox - checkbox cell type for boolean values
  • percent - number in the form of percent
  • link - link cell type only link and doclink formulas are supported in this cells
  • attachment - you can in this cell put attachment or attachments



All cell types with the example formulas that match cell type


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