App Workflow Designer

Workflow is a place where you can design a workflow between different states of the application. Determining the flow of actions between states allows you to create interactive and powerful applications without programming code. To begin working with design tool for workflow states, go to the Workflow from the designer application. A sample panel workflow applications:

  1. Workflow tab - click to go to the application workflow.
  2. States feeder - drag and drop to workflow panel. In this way, the state will be available for further modification.
  3. Starting state - an application at startup is at this state. From this place, you can start creating the first transition to the next state.
  4. State - configured and integrated into the workflow status.
  5. Action - connects states with each other and allows a call to action steps at the transition between states.
  6. State buttons - buttons to remove a state and connect two states with an action. A state may also have self connected action.

 For more informations see About Workflow article.


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