Workflow State

A workflow provides a set of states. The workflow begins in a start state and ends when it reaches the end state. The state changes after performing the action steps on leave and before the action steps on action. more about actions

To add a new state drag add state button on the workflow designer:


Add state button


Workflow state in workflow designer

Workflow state configuration:


  1. Options tab - click to go to configuration state or an action.
  2. Name - The name of the state that will be displayed when you go to the state.
  3. Task message - Information displayed in the header of app task on editor's workboard.
  4. End state - Allows to mark a state as the final state. When a document is in that state, an app task on user's workboard is automatically archived.
  5. Editor - When an app is in a state with many editors, they all see app task on their workboards. If you set option 'Single', the first person who opens an app document becomes the only editor. Other users can open that document in a read-only mode. An option 'Multiple' enables many editors to simultaneously edit an app document. Changes made by the first user who performs workflow action will be saved.

See Workflow Action article to learn more about actions.

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