How to use KPIs?


In this tutorial you will learn how to use KPIs (Key Process Indicators).

In order to show it we will create a simple app for planning sales offers. One person will set the budget and the month in which the offer will apply. Second person will plan costs of introducing the offer. This way we will have three KPIs - month, budget and costs.

1. KPI section


First, create a new spreadsheet section. In it we will be setting our KPIs. The section should have three columns. Fill it the same way as below.



C1 cell set as editable and make it a dropdown. The elements should be month names: =array('January','February','March','April','May','June',''July','August','October','November','December'). C2 cell set as editable. C2 and C3 cells set as 'currency'.



Now add KPIs to the app. You can do it in the 'info' tab. Type KPI names in the correct fields and cells addresses in which they will be set - C kolumn cells in section 1.


2.offer form


Add a new spreadsheet widget. It should have three columns. Name this spreadsheet 'offer'. In first column type: offer name, short description, details. Two empty columns will be filled later. Set all cells of columns B and C as editable. 



Add a new table widget that will sum the expenses needed for the offer. It should have five columns. Change its name to 'offer_costs' and check the 'Allow add rows' option. Name the headers as shown below.



All columns except the last mark as editable. Make a dropdown in column B and as elements set offer names.


For columns C, D and E choose currency type. In column E type =C*D formula.



Go to section 1. If we want offer costs to be the 3rd KPI we need to make it a sum of the final costs. That is why we need to type this formula in cell C3 in section 1:





Add workflow actions widget. More about Workflow in tutorial and article.

Add two actions: 'send' and 'send back' and two states :'filling in' and 'sent'.


On enter to 'filling in' state add two actionsteps: 'add editors' and 'set section editability'. In the first one add the person that will be filling in the offer info and costs. In second type 'section1' and editable =false.


 This actionstep will stop the editor from changing the KPIs even though he will see them.

Thanks to this he won't be able to for example change the offer budget.

Lastly, add app creators and save changes.

4.How does it work?

Let's test how the app works. 

The person setting the offer decides about what the month and budget will be.


Now the editor receives the app and fills in the offer details and costs. As you can see costs are not set yet.


The editor opens the app and fills in the information.


Now the offer costs are calculated and costs KPI changed its value.This change and the added offer info are also shown to the person who at first set the offer.


5.Search by KPI

 When you have a couple of offers you can easily find the one you want based on the KPI value. You can also find the app based on the KPI's name.



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