User profile

In order to change user profile settings you need to click the arrow near your avatar and choose your profile. You should confirm every change by clicking 'save changes'.



1. Changing the language

To do so you need to choose your preferred language from dropdown in user profile settings.




2.Changing the timezone

In order to do that you need to choose your country and timezone from dropdown in user profile settings.


3.Changing your avatar

For your avatar you can either choose one of the suggested characters or upload your own character. To add a new character you need to click select file in the dropdown and then upload a graphic file of your choice.


4.Changing your password

In order to change your password you have to click 'change password' in user profile settings, choose a new one and save the change.


5. Substitutions

In this tab you can add substitutions for yourself. Then the replacement person will have access to selected apps of yours, more about it here.


6.  Emails

In this tab you can set what e-mails you want to receive. By default, all options are selected. Don't forget to save the changes with the 'save changes' button




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