ActionStep: Distribute App From Table

Distribute App From Table - creates and distributes app documents, using data from the table section.

For each row of the table, a new app document is created and assigned to a user from the  designated table column. Values from columns can optionally be passed to the newly created app documents as input parameters, if their names match column aliases.

Where you can use action:

App name (type:text) - a name of app to create. Examples:
=if(1>10, APPNAME1, APPNAME2) 
Table section (type:text) - a name of table section with users and params.
Column with user (type:text) - alias of a column that holds users’ ID. New app documents will be distributed to these users.



In app instance with a table section named section1, where column A is aliased USER, column B is aliased YEAR and column C is aliased MONTH, executing Distribute app from table action step with parameters:

App name: TEST1

Table section: section1

Column with user: USER

creates 4 new instances of app TEST1. Each instance is assigned to a user from column A. Assuming that app TEST1 has input parameters YEAR, MONTH and USER, values from columns B, C and A will be passed to them. (More about input parameters: App Input Parameters)

Remark: When user ID is in USER column, this user is editor of a distributed app. When User column is empty, user, which is set in workflow action in this app (using "set editors", "add editors"), is the editor. 

Remark: You can't enter user group in USER column 

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