Hot Inbox

Hot Inbox is a functionality, which allows to automatically create app instance after receiving an email to a specified email box. Data from the mail such as receiver, sender, subject, body and attachments are transferred using input parameters to an app instance, so you can use this data in app. Hot Inbox automates and facilitates the process of transferring data and information from mail to app, where data is stored and processed.

A good example can be an app, which purpose is to collect and report bugs in the system. User doesn't need to run some specific app to report a problem. He can just send and email to a specific email box and automatically an app instance will be created with data from email in it and error handing process will start. Thanks to this, notification about a bug will immediately go to the right person, which will handle it, without necessity of manual rewriting information form mail to system.

An app example after receiving an email:


Remarks: Mail address, which will cooperate with an app must belong to Microsoft 365.

If you are interested in such functionality contact Qalcwise Support.

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