ActionStep: Call rest API

Enables to send or get data form external data source using HTTP protocol.  External data source can be secured or not by basic authentication.

External data source
To make action step work, you need in administration panel in External data sources tab add RestApiEndpoint in top left corner of screen. You also must fill all necessary data:
- Identifier- unique identifier of rest api, which will you use in action step Call rest API
- Enabled checkbox - to make using action step possible, you need to check Enabled option
- User and Password - if website, which you want to use is not generally available, you need to give user and password, which allows you access the data
- HttpMethod - HTTP request method, which you want to perform (GET, POST, PUT or DELETE)
- URL - API address, which you want to call
- ContentType - you need to give API data type (e.g. application/xml or application/json)
For example, defined rest API, which uses API of European Central Bank:
There can be many defined RestApiEndpoint on your site
Where you can use action:
Datasource name (type: Text) – identifier, which is set in settings of rest API
Content to send (type: Text) – in case of methods POST and PUT, this field must be filled with data, which will be passed to external API
Response code cell address (type: Text) - editable cell of spreadsheet, in which will be returned response code; for example 200 - means that action was performed successfully and 400 or 500 informs about an error, more about codes - here
Response cell address (type: Text) - editable cell address, in which will be displayed returned response by external data source
Result of got data from European Central Bank API:
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