How to lock editing of the individual columns

In this tutorial, you will learn how to disable editing of the individual columns in a table.

1. Table

Create a new app and add a table with 8 columns. For each of the subsequent two columns, give the same headings as shown below. Change the column types if you like and enable adding rows for the whole table. For each pair of columns, make one of them editable and the other not. For noneditable columns, type =editable column as shown below.


2. Switches

Add rich text, in which you enter the text 'Enable/disable the ability to edit'. Create a new two-line spreadsheet. In the first line, list the names of the columns that user will disable and enable editability. In the second row, set all cells to editable and change their types to a checkbox. By default, enter =true in these cells.


3. The condition for the visibility of the columns

Go back to the table. Set visibility of the cells with the if formula, for editable:
=if(corresponding cell from the sheet = true, true, false), and for noneditable:
=if(corresponding cell from the sheet = false, true, false).

For example for column A:


4. Test

Save and run preview. At the beginning the columns in the table should be editable and after pressing the appropriate checkbox, the corresponding noneditable columns should appear.

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