Overview of Design Widgets

Widgets are building blocks of qalcwise app UI, while in designer drag widget from the list to the design panel or click on it.

All widgets share common options:

  • Name - name identifies section in designer, it can be used in formula
  • Visibility - visibility formula has to evaluate to boolean value for example: =A1 > 0
  • Hide mode - hide - hides section but section can be referenced and used in other sections, nodata - section is not rendered
  • Auto width - automatic section width, can be set from 1/6 to 6/6 of screen size

Once the wigdets are on a design pane, you can move, delete, copy and resize them.


Following widgets are available in qalcwise:

  • Spreadsheet - base spreadsheet widget, can be bound to one data document.
  • Table - table spreadsheet widget, one row can be bound to one data document, rows can be added and removed
  • Single field  - works much like a Spreadsheet, except that it only has one field and an additional label
  • Rich Text Editor - rich formatted text with images
  • Attachments - attachments allow to add multiple attachments to an application
  • Signature Pad - signature pad allows you to write by hand in the field of this section
  • Diagram - diagrams, multiple series of data can be visualized
  • Image - allow adding images and displaying them in app
  • External page - allow displaying other websites inside an app
  • Container - allow adding other widgets inside and also it can be expanded or collapsed
  • Separator - separates widgets from each other
  • Button - custom action button, can set cell value or refresh spreadsheet
  • History - workflow and communication history
  • Workflow actions - workflow actions, required at least one on the app that contains workflow state
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