Designing apps - Signature Pad

Widget - signature pad allows you to write by hand in the field of this section. In options you can set available of this widget from beginning (in future you can change this with action steps).

Style - Signature Pad


  • We can choose a style from the list or specify it using a formula.
  • Border settings:
    • Using the border options, we can set its parameters (top, bottom, left, and right) by selecting the appropriate color and rounded edges.
  • Adding section shadow:
    • By adding a shadow to the section, we have the option to adjust its color
  • Button:
    • We can choose a button style from the available list of styles or calculate it using formulas. Alternatively, we can independently assign a color. After determining the preferred style, we can save it for later use.
  • Button (hover):
    • Style options can be specified similarly to the button, with the difference that the style will be applied when hovering over the button.
  • Contents:
    • We can select a style for the signature content from the list of styles or calculate it using formulas. Additionally, we can assign a color to the content, set borders, and save the style.
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