ActionStep: White list (IBAN check)

Check if a given bank account is on white list and if given nip number is correct for this bank account.

Where you can use action:

White list - list of information about VAT payer, which help companies to efficiently and quickly verify contractors; this action step check if given bank account is active taxpayer

Account number (type:text) - cell address with bank account number, which you want to check
Nip (type:text) - cell address with nip number
Check result (type:text) - editable cell address, where you want the result to appear; action result is TRUE or FALSE, so cell type have to be logical value
Action identifier  (type:text) - editable cell address, where the unique identifier of the performed action will appear; this identifier is confirmation of check action
Filtering column (type:text)(optional argument) - (when you use table section for this action) column address in which you can choose rows with accounts you want to check, (column type have to be logical value)

There are to ways to use this action:

  • Checking a single account using a spreadsheet. The account number and Nip number will be taken from the spreadsheet cells, and the result and action identifier for this account number will be returned to the editable cells of the spreadsheet. This way, you can check one account at a time, such as below.




  • Checking several accounts at the same time using the table. You need to create a table in which account numbers will be in one column, nip numbers in the second column, and the results of checks will be returned to the third editable column. Additionally, you can add to the table an editable filtering column with checkbox type, thanks to which you will be able to select which bank account you want to check. Action identifier can be returned to both an editable column in a table and a spreadsheet cell. When returning an identifier to a column in a table, the ID will only appear in the first cell of that column.








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