ActionStep: Scanye - Send correct data

This action is connected with Scanye - Send documents action, link to it: After sending picture or file with invoice and receiving data from it, if you find some error, you can send correct data to Scanye. It will help to improve reading invoices by Skanye. You can send correct data from invoice to Scanye using this ActionStep.

External data sources
Function use API of Scanye, so data are taken from external source. Function will start working when you open admin and External Data Sources tab, choose source you want and turn on. To do this, you need to check Enabled and enter user name and password for Scanye. In order to obtain these, you need to register on Scanye website:


INVOICE_ID (type: Text) – ID of a given invoice

INVOICE_NO (type: Text) – unique number of a given invoice

CURRENCY (type: Text) - three-letter currency code, in which the transaction was made, link to codes:;

INVOICE_TYPE (type: Text) - type of a given invoice for example VAT invoice

PAYMENT_METHOD (type: Text) – method of payment, which is written in invoice for example transfer

PAYEE_NAME (type: Text) – name of payee

PAYEE_TAXNO (type: Text) - TAX number of payee

PAYEE_CONTRYCODE (type: Text) - country code of payee for example PL

PAYER_NAME (type: Text) – name of payer

PAYER_TAXNO (type: Text) - TAX number of payer

PAYER_CONTRYCODE (type: Text) - country code of payer

DUE_DATE (type: Date) - date of the payment deadline

ISSUE_DATE (type: Date) - date of invoice

PURCHASE_DATE (type: Date) – date of purchase

NET_AMOUNT (type: Number) - net value

GROSS_AMOUNT (type: Number) - gross value

VAT_AMOUNT (type: Number) - amount of VAT

DUE_AMOUNT (type: Number) - amount due

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