ActionStep: Create csv attachment form section

Creates file in .csv from data from section (spreadsheet or table), which appears in a chosen attachment section

File in .csv - (comma-separated values) file is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values;  is used for storing data in file; supported by most of spreadsheets

Where you can use action:

Data section (type:text) - name of section (spreadsheet or table), from which you want export data
Attachments section/ cell (type:text) - name of attachment section or attachment cell of spreadsheet, in which file in .csv will appear
File name (type:text)(optional argument) - name you want for file (by default name of section, from which are file)
Headers (type:text or text table)(optional argument) - headers, you want in file
Culture code (type:text)(optional argument) - parameter make possible choosing in which language version file will be, in Polish - PL, in English - EN (depending on the culture code, separators, date format and decimal separator can be different)



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