ActionStep: Export from section to .csv

Exports from section (spreadsheet or table) to a file in .csv

File in .csv - (comma-separated values) file is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values;  is used for storing data in file; supported by most of spreadsheets

Where you can use action:
Post Workflow, Button


Name of section (type:text) - name of section, from which you want to export the data
Separator (type:text)(optional argument) - separator, with whom you want to separate the values from each other (by default, semicolon)
Export headers (type:logical value)(optional argument) - make exporting headers possible, when this parameter is TRUE (by default, FALSE)
Export hidden columns (type:logical value)(optional argument) - make exporting hidden columns in table possible, when this parameter is TRUE (by default, doesn't export hidden column)

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