Working with grid section size

In this tutorial you will learn how to change section size options.


Create a new app and add one table widget. It should have at least 10 columns.You can change headers names to the ones shown below. Choose the 'allow add rows option'.


Change column 'day' type to date, 'prices' and 'offers' to dropdown and three next columns to currency. In dropdowns add options to choose from: for prices - normal and special and for offers- names of the offers for e.g 50% off, 2 in 1 etc.  In 'revenue' column place a formula as shown above.


Change G and I column types to 'number'. H and J will remain as text type columns. 


Mark all columns as 'Editable' , except F: revenue.  


Run the app in preview and work with the section for a bit. Fill in the 'day' column with days for e.g from one chosen month.


After a while filling in the columns gets a little tricky - if you have many rows, you can't see the headers and while filling the last column you don't know what was in the first column. You can easily change it by enabling the 'fixed size' option for this table. 

 While filling the last column we cannot see the date which is the first column. There is a solution to that in 'fixed size' option. While in 'run' or 'preview' mode you can freeze one column so that you can see it all the time no matter how far you've scrolled. 



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