Messages and tasks

Short notes with an attachment and/or a due date which can be posted on your or other user's Work Board.

1.Writing messages


In order to add a due date or an attachment to your message you need to click on the icons placed on the left side of the message. You can send the message by clicking on the arrow(as shown) or by pressing 'Enter' button.

2.Archiving a message


In order to archive a message you need to click on the 'archive' icon on a chosen message. 

3.Deleting a message


To delete a message you have to start by archiving it and then you need to choose the 'archived' filter. You will find your message there. In order to delete it just click on the 'delete' icon on the message.

4. A message or a task

A message for which you set a due date becomes a task. Tasks can be accepted or rejected. They also have three states: 'New', 'Inprogress' and 'Done'.


 You can also set a task in Designer while creating an app- it will be a due date for the created app.


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