ActionStep: Download All Attachments

The action allows you to download all attachments by the user of the application.

Where you can use action:
Post Workflow, Button


It is required to set the value [type: logical] on at least one of the two available options - "Convert app to pdf" or "Convert images to pdf".

Convert app to pdf (type: Logical) – performs the screen of the application being used and saves it to the ".pdf" format
Convert images to pdf (type: Logical) – downloads all attachments added by the user [packed to the ".zip" format). Pictures [e.g. saved in the format ".jpg"] Qalcwise converts to the ".pdf" format.
File name(type: Text)(optional argument) –Name of the zip folder in which all downloaded elements will be placed.
Merge images/pdfs (typ: logical)(optional argument) – if this parameter is true, all pdfs and images go to one file and if it is false, each of them go to a separate file, which are zipped (By default each of thgem go to a separate file)

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