Designing Apps - Image Widget

The image widget allows to add images to the application document. In addition, the image can also be set in the appropriate size by the Designer using the image URL.


The "Hide on workboard" option determines whether the image inserted by the user in the application document is displayed on the board. (more about it here)

You can set the maximum number of images that can be inserted, thanks to "Image limit" option

You can scale image with options, which are included in the "Scaling" drop-down list

You can choose the maximum edges length of picture with "Max. edge length"

When 'BMP to JPG' option is turned on, picture in BMP, which is attached to this section, will be converted to JPG

You can choose to what align the picture, when picture is smaller than section (Left, Center, Right) in "Alignment" section

Thanks to 'Disabled' option, you can set, that the widget is not available from the beginning (in future you can change it with action steps).

Images in 'Compact' view are not visible on work board.


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