Download action for all attachments

The button associated with the action allows you to download all attachments after clicking the [Widget: Button] button by the application user.

To add an action to the button, select it on the application designer [1], go to the widget properties, and then add the action using the add action button [2]. Selecting the action type is possible by clicking on the drop-down list and entering the value [type: logical] [3].




It is required to set the value [type: logical] on at least one of the two available options - "Convert app to pdf" or "Convert images to pdf".

The "Convert app to pdf" option performs the screen of the application used and saves it to the ".pdf" format

The "Convert images to pdf" option downloads all attachments added by the user [compressed to the ".zip" format]. Pictures [e.g. saved in the format ".jpg"] Qalcwise converts to the ".pdf" format.

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