Where can I use formulas

Formulas can be used in the several contexts, in most cases, if you find =formula label inside a field, this field accepts formulas.


  1. Spreadsheet and Table cell content - Formulas that return value have to match a cell type

  2. Section Data and New row formula - Lookup formulas only

  3. Section Visibility - Formulas have to return boolean type (true, false)

  4. Table Column - Visibility (boolean) and Header (text)

  5. Diagram Title (text), and X Axis and Y Axis options - Title (Text), Min (Number), Max (Number), Step(Number), Categories (Array of texts)

  6. Diagram Series options - Name (Text), Color (Text), Data Formula (scalar or array) see article about diagrams for more

  7. Slider Cell Address - only Spreadsheet cell address supported

  8. App’s Document Name option (Text)

  9. KPI - Responsible Person - Text formula should return email

  10. Dropdown and Autocomplete cells Items option (Array of texts)

  11. Workflow State - Task Message (Text)

  12. Workflow Action - Execution condition (Boolean)

  13. Workflow ActionStep - Parameters - Formula type depends on parameter
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