Cell Style


Cell style defines its looks, designer can choose from predefined styles, or style cell with formatting options.


Designer can change font family, font size, borders, background color, color, text decorations and alignment.


Predefined cell styles, and a few custom style examples


Remark: You can select a cell border color by pressing the frame formatting button, then select a color, and finally select the type of border.


The color of the border between the two cells depends on which cell is formatted first, is used conditional formatting and in what position one cell is in relation to the other.

1. When there are two cells with fixed formatting, the edge between these cells is the color of the cell border that was last formatted


2. When one cell is fixed formatted and the other cell is formatted with a formula, the border between them is the border color of the cell that is formatted with the formula.


3. When both cells are formatted with a formula, the edge between them has the color of the cell's border, which is either lower or farther to the right.



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