App Name

1. App Name Requirements:

  • Must start with a letter.
  • Consists of letters, numbers, and underscore characters.
  • Cannot contain spaces.

2. Technical Identifier:

  • The app name serves as a technical identifier in Qalcwise Designer.
  • It is used to refer to this app in relation to other apps and formulas.

3.Uniqueness Requirement:

  • The app name must be unique among all Qalcwise definition objects, including apps, lists, and data tables.

4. App Caption Usage:

  • If the app caption is not set, the app name is used as the app caption.

5. Search Functionality:

  • Users can search for apps by their app name.

6. Example Scenario:

  • In the event of creating a new app, the app name is crucial and, if the app caption is not provided, it is automatically used as the app caption (refer to the "Run New App" screenshot)


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