Section auto width

Setting auto width allows you to set a fixed size of a section in relation to the application screen. Depending on the setting, the section is from 1 to 6 parts separated area of the screen. If sections contained in one line together occupy more than 6 fields, the last section will be wrapped to the next line.



  1. Both sections occupy an area no larger than the size of the screen.
    section-auto-width-green.png occupies 4/6, section-auto-width-orange.png occupies  2/6

    section-auto-width-green.png occupies 2/6, section-auto-width-orange.png occupies  4/6

  1. The second section is not occupied because the sum of fields is 5 + 3 = 8 > 6. It will be folded under the first section situated to the left.
    section-auto-width-green.png occupies 5/6, section-auto-width-orange.png occupies 3/6


To set the width of the auto section, select it in the workspace designer and go to options:

See Sections layout article for more information

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