Section visibility

Section visibility allows you to add sections formula whose outcome will decide whether it is displayed in the application instance. Formula visibility section must return a Boolean value, for example =SECTION.A1 > 10. The functionality of the visibility section is used to create an interactive interface of an application which is changed depending on the user input. For example, a section with visibility set by the formula =currentState()='in progress' causes that section will be displayed only when the status of the application transits to "in progress".

Access to data of the hidden section is determined by hiding mode which has been set for the visibility of the section: 

  1. Hidden - the section is hidden but can be used in the calculation. This mode is used for the sections to be hidden from the user, but the data contained in it should still be available, eg. for the calculations carried out by other sections.
  2. No data - section is not rendered when you start the application, it cannot be used in the calculation. Re-render a section will be performed only after opening an application with the logical value "true" from the visibility formula.

To determine the visibility of the section, select it in the application designer and go to options tab. Enter the formula on the basis of which the application has to decide whether the section should be visible (1) and select the appropriate hide mode for your business needs (2).


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