Data tab

The data area allows you to select the available lists, data tables and aliases that can be used to create applications. Example of the data window:


  1. Data tab - click to go to work with the data.
  2. Search box - allows you to quickly find the data you want.
  3. Stream name - the data is grouped according to it’s assigned streams. Clicking the (+) or (-) allows respectively to expand or hide the list of available data for a given stream.
  4. The data - data is represented by the name of the data table, list or app. Clicking the show button (+) allows you to show details about the available column names and apps aliases.
  5. Columns/aliases - allows you to display and/or data manipulation using tables, spreadsheets and workflow applications.

A method of data binding depends on the section type. In case of the spreadsheet section type, the section can be associated with only a single data record. Linking data from multiple records is carried out by sections of the tables.

There are two ways to bind dataobject to a section:

  • Drag data object (2) from datatab to section name (1), then one can drag data columns to section cells, then edit lookup formula.
  • Write lookup formula in Filter option.


Examples of lookup formulas:

=LOOKUP(SYSUSER) - data SYSUSER, no query

=LOOKUP(PRODUCT, id=123) - data PRODUCT, get product with ID 123

=LOOKUP(PRODUCT, price > 100) - data PRODUCT, get products with price greater than 100


Dragging data object, and columns on section

Remark: The app shows up when it has aliases. If the app is in production type, don't forget to activate it.

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