Spreadsheet and table - hide mode

Qalcwise section can be hidden, how section is hidden depends on a designer, there are two options controlled by Hide mode property: Hide and No Data.


Hide - hides section from view but does not remove it from calculations, section data is sent to a browser and can be retrieved.

No data - hides a section by not sending it to a browser, the section is not rendered


Scenarios for Hide:

  • Section is hidden on certain conditions (workflow state, user rights, sections data), but data inside section is not confidential.
  • Section is used to hold partial calculation results.
  • Section is used in formulas in other visible sections.


Scenarios for No Data:

  • Section holds confidential data that only user with special permissions in specific workflow state can see.
  • Section cannot be used in another visible section formulas.
  • If section is hidden and it is used in other section formulas, then those section should be hidden (no data) with the same hide formula.


In the following example, if section sec2 is visible, section sec1 can be hidden but cannot be set to no data, because section sec2 uses SEC1.A1 in cell A1 formula.

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