Spreadsheet Options

Spreadsheet and table section options specify section, cell/column properties, formatting and Header formatting options:


1 - Section options (section type and name)

●     Name - name of section, can be used in another section formulas

●     Visibility - formula that evaluates to boolean value, for example =A > 10

●     Hide mode - hide: section is hidden but present can be used in other formulas calculations, no data: section is not rendered cannot be used in calculations

●     Wrap content - wraps cells content

●     Data - name of data object bound to section (read only)

●     Filter - filter formula, to lookup for data elements bound to this section

●     Manual refresh - section will not be rebinded automatically, only after use of refresh section action

●     Allow add rows - Table section only, end user can add remove rows from table

●     New row formula - lookup formula for new row


2 - Cell/Column options

●     Cell type - type of cell, formula in side have to match cell type

●     Style - predefined cell style

●     Editable - if not, cell will be computed

●     Data field - if section is bound, this is field/column on target data object to update value on save to database step

●     Alias - cell alias, aliases can be used in other formulas

●     Hint - comment for end user

●     Header - header name or formula (table only)

●     Visibility - header visibility formula (table only)

●     Sort - column sort direction (table only)


3 - Cell formatting options


4 - Table column formatting options


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