Designing Apps – Attachment widget

1. Attachment Widget Functionality:

  • Allows users to add attachments to Qalcwise app documents.

2. Caption Option:

  • This section features a specific option called "caption."

3. Mobile Device Attachment:

  • Attachments can be added directly from the camera on mobile devices.

4. Visibility on User Workboard:

  • Attachments on the app document are visible on the user workboard (refer to screenshot no. 5).

5. Hide on Workboard Option:

  • The 'Hide on Workboard' option enables users to decide whether elements added to sections should be visible on the workboard during app creation.

6. File Display Options:

  • 'File Names Only' option allows users to decide whether added attachments should be displayed only as their names or as thumbnails.

7. Attachments Limit:

  • In the 'Attachments Limit' field, users can specify the maximum number of attachments that can be added in a particular section; there is no limit by default.

8. Image Scaling Options:

  • In 'Scale to Width' and 'Scale to Height' fields, users can specify the size to which they want the picture to be scaled.

9. BMP to JPG Conversion:

  • When the 'BMP to JPG' option is enabled, a BMP picture attached to this section will be converted to JPG.

10.Disabled Option:

  • Thanks to the 'Disabled' option, users can set the widget to be unavailable initially (it can be changed later with action steps).                                        



Attachment section definition

Attachment section preview

Attachments on app stripe, user workboard

Style - Attachments


  • We can choose a style from the list or specify it using a formula.
  • Border settings:
    • Using the border options, we can set its parameters (top, bottom, left, and right) by selecting the appropriate color and rounded edges.
  • Adding section shadow:
    • By adding a shadow to the section, we have the option to adjust its color
  • Header:
    • We can apply a style in the attachments section using a list of styles or calculate it using formulas. Additionally, we can set a custom style from the formatting bar, add borders, and save the style.
  • Button:
    • We can choose a style for the button from the available list of styles or calculate it using formulas. Alternatively, we can independently assign a color. After determining the preferred style, we can save it for later use.
  • Button (hover):
    • The style options can be specified similarly to the button, with the difference that the style will be applied when hovering over the button.
  • Contents:
    • We can select a style for the attachment content from the list of styles or calculate it using formulas. Additionally, we can assign a color to the content, set borders, and save the style.
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