ActionStep: Rebind Sections

Allows to manually refresh the links between sections of the previously selected option to manually refresh tables and spreadsheets.

Where you can use action:
Workflow, Button

To change the refresh settings to a spreadsheet or a table, go to the options of the section and change refresh mode to manual (1), and set any formula filter, ie. the formula of type Lookup (2).


Rebinding table depends on selecting the allow add rows option. When a table has no allow add rows option selected, after the action, the refreshed data replaces the data that was previously in the table. On the other hand, when the table has the allow add rows option selected, the next refreshed data are added to the table one by one.

Sections (type: text or array of texts) - section name or array of sections name. Examples:
=Array(‘Section1’, ‘Section2’)


Let's create an application that allows you to search the city, depending on a given country. For this purpose we will add 3 widgets in the designer:

  1. Spreadsheet SECTION1 with a single, editable text cell.
  2. Table SECTION2 with the filter formula =LOOKUP(CITIES, COUNTRY=SECTION1.A1) and set manual refresh. Presented formula filters out all the cities that belong to the country entered in A1 cell of SECTION1.
  3. Button BUTTON1 with the assigned rebind sections action and added SECTION2 as section to rebind.

In addition, we created a simple data table containing the information about cities and countries. The result of our work is a simple application that searches the city after clicking on the search button, rather than automatically updating the data every time you enter the country to editable cell.


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