Import data

Save a lot of time on manual typing of data with the ability to create lists and tables through the mechanism of data import.

 To start importing data from excel file, go to the designer and then select a table or list to which you want to import the data:


After moving to list or table editor, select an option to import data from the .xlsx file:


Data import tool allows you to choose between additive importing (new data will be added to the existing, existing data will be updated), or reimport (the data is overwritten with the imported). After choosing the appropriate import mode, select the file from which you want to import the data. 


You can also choose, if data will be imported by matching headers names (data in column with given header will be placed in table or list column with the same header) or if data will be imported in order the same as column order (first column in excel will be first column in table or list no matter what header have). 

Remember, the file should have the same number and types of columns as the table or list which is the target of the import.

You can also describe how many lines of tabel is  header.

You can also import the definition of the table or list by pressing:


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