Description of formula:
Creates a link to app document, to which the section is bound. The formula can be used in the cell of Spreadsheet or Table section.
Section should be bound to some app document using Lookup formula in the “Filter” property. Spreadsheet section can be bound to a single document. In the Table section every row is bound to another document, so each link points to a different document, associated with the row.
Note: DocLink formula is designed only to use with app documents. It does not work for section bound to list or data table.
If type of cell with this function is link, lik will be the text you choose and when user clicks the link, bound document is opened. However, if type of this cell is text, the URL will be shown. If user does not have permissions to open this app, he will see appropriate message and will be redirected to the home page.
(type: Text) Text, that is displayed in a cell as a link
(type: Text)(optional parameter) The place in which the bounded app should open - can be either '_blank' which opens a new tab, or '_self' which opens the app on the current tab 
Returned type:
=doclink('link to document','_blank')
=doclink('click here','_self')


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