ActionStep: Create document from rich text

Create document from rich text - generates a document in PDF or HTML format from a text editor widget.

Where you can use action:

Post Workflow, Button

To complete this step, we need a text editor, a spreadsheet, and a workflow action button


Attachment Section/Cell (type: attachment) - the address of an attachment-type cell or an attachment widget where the formatted document will appear.

File Name (type: text) (optional argument) - the name of the formatted document. When this parameter is empty, the document is named after the app.

Sections (type: text editor) (optional argument) - sections that can be included in the document.

Format (pdf/html) - the format in which the formatted document will be obtained.

Remark: If the document action does not return the expected format, it is advisable to add the appropriate extension to the file name.

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