Description of formula:
Finds the largest value of the elements from the specified range, which meet the criteria.
First parameter is an array of values, to which the condition is applied. If some element satisfies the condition, corresponding value from result_values array is taken into account in finding maximal value. Both arrays must have the same number of elements. The third parameter of the formula is optional – if you do not specify it, values from query_values array will be used both for checking the condition and for finding the largest element.
The condition is an expression, which returns a logical value (true / false). You can use there any formula, comparison operator and join several criteria with and and or. Use value keyword to refer to evaluated element from the query_values array. This word is used for checking individually if each element from the array satisfies the condition. 
maxif(query_values, condition, [result_values])
(type: array of values of any type) Values to which the condition is applied
(type: Logical value) Logical expression, defining which elements will be used for calculations
(type: array of Numbers) (optional parameter) Elements to find maximal value (if you want to use another values than passed in the first parameter)
Returned type:
=maxif(A1:A5, value>100, B1:B5)
=maxif(section1.B, value=’product1’, section1.A)
=maxif(A, abs(value)/2>section1.A1, C)
=maxif(A, value>20 and value<50)
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